Chuanye "Elvin" Ouyang

This website is a personal blog by Chuanye “Elvin” Ouyang.

Chuanye (Elvin) Ouyang is a data scientist aiming to bring data science and machine learning to financial services and technology sectors. Elvin works as a Principal Data Scientist with Capital One, focusing on evaluating and enhancing machine learning models and deployment packages.

Prior to his current role, Elvin worked as a Senior Associate with PwC Advisory Services, focusing on developing and deploying machine learning models and packages to client’s production environment for financial transaction monitoring, news filtering, customer graph modeling, and marketing campaign targeting. Elvin also has work experience and education background in data science, international business, and international affairs.

Chuanye (Elvin) Ouyang’s skills include:

Technical Skills Business Skills Subject Matter Expertise
Machine Learning \ Deep Learning (with sci-kit learn, PyTorch, Keras, Tensorflow, etc.); Development and Productionization of Automated Machine Learning (AutoML); Python and R programming; Cloud Computing (AWS, GCP); Spark with PySpark; Unix Command Line; Graph Modeling / Network Analysis (with Neo4J, networkx, etc.); DevOps and Containerization (with Git, GitHub, shell, Docker, etc.); Data I/O and Data Manipulation (with APIs, SQL servers, NoSQL servers, Hadoop, etc.); Data Visualization (with Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Plotly, ggplot, Jupyter Notebook, etc.); Natural Language Processing; GIS Cross-border Data Solutions; End-to-End AutoML Deployment; Deployment of packaged programs to machine learning platforms; Corporate Structure and Affiliation Analysis; International Development Project Data Analytics; Corporate Compliance and Risk Evaluation based on FCPA and UK Bribery Act Mandarin Chinese; Microsoft Office; Business Negotiation; Formal Briefing