All of Elvin Ouyang’s project work samples in data analytics in one place. As a student in Data Science and an enthusiast in data technologies, Elvin is devoted in bringing advanced technologies in data mining, natural language processing, machine learning, and geospatial modeling to international business, legal compliance, and policy analysis.

Project Name Project Description
Capital Bikeshare Explorative Analysis Using R An EDA with R on the bikeshare history data
Global Terrorism Database Explorative Data Analysis Using R An in-depth EDA with R on the GTD for terror attacks in the U.S.
Python Word2Vec Practice with Reuters-21578 Dataset A practice to use word embedding model on labeled newswire pieces by Reuters
MNIST pattern recognition with Lua Torch7 Multilayer Perceptron Built a simple multilayer perceptron with computer vision using Lua Torch7 and cloud instance with GPU that recognizes hand-written numbers
Speech Recognition with PyTorch Deep Convolutional Neural Network Built a convolutional neural network with computer vision using PyTorch and cloud instance with GPU that recognizes spoken voice commands