The resources of the data, softwares, theories, and sample works from others mentioned in this website will be listed in this file.

Name Description Link
Capital Bikeshare Trip History Data The data of Washington DC Capital Bikeshare users’ trip histories, with one bike’s trip from point A to point B as the grain link
Global Terrorism Database An open database maintained by START at University of Maryland, College Park that covers worldwide terrorist attacks since 1970. Updated annually. link
Gensim A Python package that uses advanced machine learning techniques to deal with text data, including the state-of-the-art Word2Vec model link
Jekyll static site generator This website is generated using Jekyll and GitHub Pages. For more details about Jekyll, click the link on the right. link
Minimal Mistakes Jekyll Theme This website uses the Minimal Mistake Jekyll theme, an extremely rich theme with comprehensive tutorial. Check the link on the right for more details. link